Ardoz Healthcare

Ardoz Healthcare develops, produces and distributes Cosmetic and Medical Devices for the private label industrie.

  • Certification – ISO 13485 certified

  • Medical Devices – We have multiple Medical Devices on the market as private label

  • Cosmetics – We have multiple high-end cosmetics on the market as private label

Apart from the current dermatology and oral care lines currently on the market we do several co-developments.

Ardoz laboratory

At our facility in ‘s-Hertogenbosch we have a development laboratory. The personnel has years of experience regarding formulations and development of cosmetic products

  • Own lab – Fully equiped lab for the development of high end cosmetics and Medical Devices

  • Regulatory – We know about regulatory

  • Product file – We can provide a complete product file if requested

If you are looking for a high quality products please contact us. We can also deliver in smal quantities!

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Eimert de Haan
Eimert de HaanManaging director
Eimert is the managing director of Ardoz Healthcare. He is also responsible for finance.
Hans Sterk
Hans SterkR&D Manager
Hans is responsible for the Research & Development of all products. He is also the contact person regarding (external) testings and publications.
Fabijan Verhagen
Fabijan VerhagenProduction Manager
Fabijan is responsible for order handling and production. He is also the contact person regarding new orders and new customers.

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In our laboratory we can do our own Research & Development

Medical Device

We have multiple Medical Devices ready for the market


We have multiple Cosmetics ready for the market


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Ardoz Healthcare

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