Ardox-X® Technology

Ardoz Healthcare is at the cutting edge of developing technologies for oral care, dermatology and wound treatment.

Ardox-X® is a patented technology that provides a controlled release of (safe) active oxygen without generating hydroxyl radicals. Ardox-X® can be used in skin care products to replace existing active ingredients that provide anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial action. Contrary to the ingredients it replaces it causes no negative effects.

  • Chemical class : Stabilized Active Oxygen donating complex

  • Mechanism of action : Anti-allergic, anti-fungal, whitening agent

  • Formulations :  Cream, gel, foam, rinse, paste, powder

  • Regulatory : All ingredients are registered and approved for cosmetics and Medical Devices

The Ardoz Group has done extensive research on its technology and new milestones have been reached in the field of periodontitis, peri-implantitis and gingivitis, not only performed in house, but also at leading institutions worldwide such as: Loma Linda University, Tuft’s Indiana, University AMC, burncentre Beverwijk, Rijnstate Hospital, Bartholemew’s, TNO, Dermatest Germany and many others.

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