Hager Werken Oxysafe Professional products.

Many products for the treatment of periodontitis and peri-implantitis are active for only a short period of time. This promotes the process of a re-infection. Both, antibiotics and chlorhexidine have difficulty in penetrating the biofilm because of their molecular size. The solution is Oxysafe! Oxysafe Gel Professional with its patented oxygen technology acts from the outside to the inside and quickly penetrates the biofilm in the gingiva. The anaerobic bacteria are destroyed and a regenerating effect is activated in the inflamed tissue. Oxysafe Professional is not cytotoxic and does not use peroxides or radicals that could adversely affect the oral flora. In combination with Oxysafe Liquid Professional mouthwash, long-term active oxygen gets released into the gingival pockets, avoiding a re-infection risk


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