Ardox-X® technology!

Ardoz was successful in the stabilisation of active oxygen in liquid and solid state applications opening doors for massive use of cosmetic, medical device and pharmaceutically active safe oxygen applications. The Ardox-X® complex consists of a suitable oxygen donating compound (as descrbibed in patent WO 2006/038802) with specific carriers as mentioned in the patent like i.e. glycerol and cellulose. Together with specific stabilizers and modulators, these complexes have the benefit that they can act more specifically on target sides. Because of the nature of these complexes, there will be less tendency to form molecular oxygen when the complex decomposes, compared to the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide. This means that much lower concentrations of the oxygen donor can reach the same results as is the case with hydrogen peroxides in some important applications. Furthermore, one can, by choosing specific stabilisers and carriers in an application, increase the oxygen concentration and control the release time of the active oxygen (fast vs. slow release).

Ardox-X technology information

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